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Courage, dedication and honesty of purpose are the three main ingredients that were imbedded into the formation of CCL back in 2005. A young company with age old values of conducting business with integrity, honesty and customer service second to none. Today after 18 years we have crossed various international borders in more than 10 countries worldwide.

CCL’s exclusive strategic partnerships with Hiyoshi Shoji Co., Ltd., Japan, Sanko Metals (HK) and Aco.Com Comercio de Metais Ltda., Brazil, we are one of the major upcoming exporters and suppliers of Prime, Excess Prime and good Secondary ETP (Electrolytic Tin Plate) and TFS (Tin Free Steel) in coils and/or sheets.

Connecting the World with Quality Steel Solutions

Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP)

The substrate (Raw Material) used for production of ETP is TMBP (Tin Mill Black Plate). The TMBP after passing through various stages of cleaning is then passed through an electrolytic solution containing dissolved Tin.

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Tin Free Steel (TFS)

TFS is used in metal packaging primarily for food and beverage containers. Unlike ETP, TFS does not have Tin coating. TFS substrate is basically a low carbon steel similar to ETP.

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Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) Electrical Steel

Cold-rolled grain-oriented electrical steel (CRGO) is a specialized type of electrical steel used in the manufacturing of transformers

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Hot Rolled (HR) Steel

Steel is heated in a furnace at elevated high temperature around 1100 ~ 1300 degrees C (2012 ~ 2372 degrees F). The heated steel is passed through various rollers to achieve desired thickness.

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Cold Rolled (CR) Steel

CR steel is produced from Hot Roll (HR) substrate material. HR black is initially put through a process of Pickle & Oiled (P&O) to remove surface impurities such as oxides and scale creating a clean surface.

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