Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP)

The substrate (Raw Material) used for production of ETP is TMBP (Tin Mill Black Plate). The TMBP after passing through various stages of cleaning is then passed through an electrolytic solution containing dissolved Tin. ETP steel is primarily used in the metal canning industry for manufacturing of tin cans body & lids for food and beverage packaging. It is also used in the manufacturing of automotive parts, more specifically in production of Oil Filters where deep drawing quality is a pre-requisite.

  • Thickness Range: 0.15 mm ~ 0.32 mm.
  • Coil Width Range: 100 mm ~ 925 mm.
  • Coating: 2.0/2.0 or higher as per customer requirement.
  • Temper: T1 ~ T5. SR (Single Reduced) and/or DR (Double Reduced).
  • Annealing Process: BA (Batch Annealing) or CA (Continuous Annealing).
  • Surface Finish: Bright, Matt or Stone Finish.

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