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Steel Raw Materials Exporter - Busheling Bundles Exporter


Courage, dedication and honesty of purpose are the three main ingredients that were imbedded into the formation of CCL back in 2005. A young company with age old values of conducting business with integrity, honesty and customer service second to none. Today after 12 years we have crossed various international borders in more than 10 countries worldwide.

CCL’s exclusive strategic partnerships with RFR Reciclagem, the largest Ferrous Scrap Processor of Brazil and Steel Canada Limited, one of the largest direct exporters of Secondary Flat Roll Steel, hardly has any match in cumulative combined export of Ferrous Scrap and Secondary Flat Roll Steel, respectively. Our strength and rank is second to none when it comes to selection, grading, processing and subsequent export of Ferrous scrap. CCL + RFR + SCL Nexus gives us the important competitive edge of offering quality grade Ferrous Scrap and Secondary Steel coupled with competitive pricing. Our monthly processing and generation of Ferrous scrap in our Brazil Yards is more than 48000 metric tons with additional monthly generation of 25000 metric tons from Canada and USA Yards.

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